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We are a dynamic IT company that has been providing innovative IT solutions to clients in various sectors. Our company was founded with a passion for technology and a commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed.

Since our founding, we have been focused on providing the highest quality IT services to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing a variety of technology solutions.

Our mission is to provide innovative and effective IT solutions that support our clients in achieving their business goals. We strive to build long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust, professionalism and cooperation.




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At Midapt, we continually strive to provide comprehensive IT solutions for clients in a variety of industries. Our flexible offerings include a range of services that enable our clients to succeed in the digital world. Here are some key aspects of our work:

Client-centric solutions


Innovative projects


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Our work process in three steps

Understanding customer needs

We start with an in-depth understanding of the client's goals.

Design and implementation

We create and implement personalized solutions according to requirements.

Testing and optimization

We thoroughly test and optimize solutions to ensure performance and functionality.

We create value for your business, making it even more valuable
We create value for your business, making it even more valuable